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  • Welcome Peter Hayward BA, PhD Chartered Clinical Psychologist Cognitive Behavioural Therapist Need help? I am a Graduate of Harvard University and an experienced Chartered Clinical
  • Experience & Education Education B.A., English, Harvard University M.A., Psychology, Long Island University Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, Long Island University Statement of Equivalence of Overseas Qualification,
  • What is COGNITIVE-BEHAVIOURAL THERAPY (CBT) Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a general term for a school of psychotherapy that has developed over the last sixty years.
  • What Can CBT Help With? HOW COGNITIVE-BEHAVIOURAL THERAPY CAN TREAT DEPRESSION Depression can often be brought on by life stress, or by a sudden loss,
  • Some CBT Tools FORMULATION The term formulation refers to a model of the client’s difficulties that is gradually developed in the course of CBT treatment
  • Publications Hayward, P., Wardle, J. & Higgitt, A. (1989). Benzodiazepine research: Current findings and practical consequences. British Journal of Clinical Psychology, 28, 307-327. Adams, B.
  • Contact Fitzjohns Avenue Barnet London EN5 2HW Tel: 020 8449 4758 or 0781 6232932 Email: Please feel free to ring for an initial chat

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What IS CBT?
Feelings And How To Manage Them

Thoughts: The Importance Of What We Think

Actions: The Importance Of What We Do


Early Experiences

What can CBT Help With?



Social Phobia

Panic Attacks


Low Self-Esteem

Health Anxiety

Excessive Worry

Obsessions And Compulsions

Work Stress

Some CBT Tools

Behavioural Activation

Behavioural Experiments


Maintenance Cycles

Safety Behaviours

The Thought Record

The Activity Schedule